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An extremely specialised & detailed area of construction, the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is implemented by the government providing funding & support for those with disabilities & guidelines for those supplying services in consulting & construction.

The SDA (Specialist Disability Scheme) includes 4 levels of categories being:

- Improved Liveability

- Fully Accessible

- Robust

- High Physical Support (HPS)

Alroe Constructions specialise in the most challenging and highly compliant level of construction - High Physical Support.

Dwellings in the High Physical Support SDA design category are highly specialised builds requiring strict levels of design, certification and build compliance.


They feature a high level of access provisions for people with significant physical impairment requiring very high levels of support including structural provisions & access facilitation.


They also include assistive provisions with heating, cooling and household communications technology in addition to emergency power solutions,  fire mitigation and emergency lighting.

At Alroe Constructions, we have blended our expertise in High Physical Support SDA builds to our residential tower expertise - we are the industry leader in building NDIS towers.

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We DE-RISK our clients Projects providing a Complete Service Solution.


You can leverage our time, expertise + key group of consultants to ensure the project is not only feasible, but is managed in a very timely, thorough & professional manner.

The Design Development (DD) phase will have us direct every step of the project from Design, to DA package, consultant management, through to construction - we will manage every aspect of your project allowing you to focus on what's important - your own business or locating your next site.

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D & C

Our D & C Package manages:


Design DA + BA

Civil Engineer 
Structural Engineer 
Service locating (Potholing and DBYD)

Geotech Investigations 
Hydraulic Engineer 
Mechanical Design 
Fire Engineer Designer 

Traffic Engineer

Acoustic Engineer

Energy Efficiency 



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